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Mindfulness vs. Clutter

I'm back to writing, and I've found a new direction for MindExponential. I will be focusing on developing a learning portal, and doing so at a pace that allows me to keep life in balance, and continue my wellness journey. As I continue to deepen and expand my meditation practice and seek to live more mindfully and with purpose, I find that I have a lower tolerance for excess and clutter. I think of it as a desire to live a more "zen" lifestyle (simplify, simplify, simplify). I recently entered a state of flow whereby I was on a mission to clean out the clutter. I approached it differently than before, with a desire for greater simplification, placing less value on the "stuff", and wanting my environment to evolve to be as calm as my mind is becoming. I am by no means anywhere near my intended state at this point, but I see the evolution happening all around and within me.

The few days before my uncluttering, flowing binge, I was feeling less at ease, yet dismissing the nagging inner request to clean, toss, and declutter. There are 3 bags by my door of things to go to trash, Good Will, and recycling, but the path is clear as to what still needs to be completed. I am taking this break to write, and then to meditate before bed tonight. It is a delight to watch one’s external life follow in the footsteps of the mind. This is yet further clarification to me that the mind creates one’s environment and one’s life. I will keep you posted as this mind and life process evolves.

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