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On the Other Side of Grad School and Back to Life

​I know, it's been a long time since I posted. I happily recently completed my Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I loved my studies, but even with the best mind/body wellness practices, juggling grad school and a challenging job can take a toll. I determined that in order to balance myself between school and work, and my personal life, MindExponential was going to have to accept a little neglect. Going to grad school was a very rewarding, yet exhausting journey that included many late nights of writing papers followed very busy and cognitively demanding work days. Yes, meditation, keto, intermittent fasting, and nootropics helped, but I was still not at my peak during this quest. Sleep, downtime, exercise, and vacations are important to maintain balance, peak performance, and yes, I did reduce the time I spent on all of these life-restoring activities for two intense years. Although I continued to meditate daily, my meditation time was reduced suffered as well. I'm not going to confess my age quite yet, but it was also a factor in my stamina. I will say, that part of my purpose in going back to school was to challenge my mind and brain and that, I certainly did. My advice to you, is if you want something, or you want to grow, evolve, and learn throughout your life, then definitely do so. In fact, do so anyways. Just manage your self-care the best you can, and accept that anything worth achieving will be hard. Now, saying that, I am going to sign off here for the evening and practice yoga because now I'm returning to a higher focus on wellness so I can perform my best in every avenue of my life. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be writing more soon.

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