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It's been a little quiet here.

Yes, I've been slacking off on writing since I'm still putting in hours and hours of writing papers at night. I have approximately seven months left before I complete my masters program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I hit a wall for a bit - I went through a two week period where I was having difficulty writing a paper and felt like my mind was running in circles without any progress. Unfortunately, I was running into a combination of burnout and writer's block. I was taking nootropics, meditating, doing self-hypnosis, going on hikes, and all the usual tricks to get my mind rolling, and then I realized I had been eating too many carbs. I wasn't trying to do a ketogenic diet at the time, but rather, my objective was to eat a clean paleo diet. However, those study sessions were leading to an abundance of sneaky carbs in my meals and snacks. So, I went ketogenic, and within a few days my productivity soared, and my fatigue lessened. I did hit a "keto flu" phase and was incredibly weak for about 10 days after my initial burst of clarity, but that is waning and I'm picking up steam again. I'm back on track, and I apparently needed a refresher as to how my mind slumps on too many carbs. To tell you the truth, I don't know how many I was eating, but as I remembered my diet, I knew I was eating way more carbs than you should eat on a respectable paleo diet. Fortunately, there are a lot of avocados, eggs, and fish in my life now. I'm not going to go into advice on how to do a ketogenic diet because there is a mountain of information out there. I will go write a paper now and leave you to your research. Thanks for stopping by.

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