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Managing Mind and Body during Grad School

Ok, quick one today. I'm still in grad school and I'm completely passionate about industrial and organizational psychology. It has been a rigorous program and I hammer away at papers into the evenings after a full day hustling at the hospital.

I would say my best neurohacks through this process are:

Nootropics - I'm currently taking a basic stack of Phophatidylserine, Huperzine, Vinpocetine, Bacopa, and Ginko biloba.

NAD+ - I'm taking the anti-aging supplement NAD+ for about a month now. I'm noticing modest benefits of less joint stiffness as I spend way too much time at the keyboard these days. I'll update after a few months into this supplement. I'll write more on this topic as well.

An adjustable standing desk - This has been a life-saver at home. Sometimes I really need to take a stretch and stand break during writing a research paper and it occasionally happens when I'm in writing flow.

Daily meditation - I'll confess my meditations are shorter over the past few months as this is due to simply not wanting to sit. I'm supplementing with short yoga sessions, and another other time-saver and lower-back saver is meditating in the shower. I set a timer or I would be in there all day.

Knowing when to rest - I take at least one night with no studying at all, and 2-3 nights when I'm not in a crunch.

Low carb diet - habitually, I avoid sugars and carbs in general as I can't handle the sugar crashes. I eat pretty lean with a good deal of fish and vegetables.

Coffee and decaf coffee - I drink coffee for the first half of the day and switch to decaf in the evening if I feel the need. Decaf coffee doesn't contain with a trace of caffeine, but another compound Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamidehas (EHT) been found to be neuroprotective and may improve memory function according to animal studies. The research is limited, but I'll be satisfied with a placebo effect as I love the taste of coffee and it may trigger my memory of how I feel on coffee. Good enough for me for now.

Self-hypnosis - I do this either for myself or by listening to recordings to stay motivated, focused, and to boost my sense of self-efficacy to accomplish the goals I've set for myself.

More later...back to work...papers aren't going to write themselves. ;-)

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