Mind Hacking Through Grad School

I've slowed down on the blog and events these days since starting a masters program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. My purpose is to expand my services in teaching mind enhancement techniques to leaders and for improved performance in the workplace. So far, my best study hacks are meditation and fasting when studying. After a long day at work, I get out for a walk and then sit for a short meditation before starting to write papers. On the days that I'm doing complete fasting or intermittent fasting, I find I am my most productive. When I do intermittent fasting, I will eat low carb meals and snacks for the first 6 hour of my day which starts around 7 am, and then stick with water and herbal tea the rest of the day. I get a surge of energy and mental clarity on those days. I do write on the weekends, but I'm usually not fasting because I have various social activities to attend to and often these activities include dinner and/or a glass of wine. There are days I get more written in the 2-3 hours I set aside in the evening when fasting than the 5-6 hours I set aside on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone is going to have a different experience, but anecdotally, this is what is working for me. There are mountains of stories and studies on fasting and numerous methods of fasting which has been done throughout the ages, but I'll leave you with one NIH study to feast on for now: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3670843/.

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