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Hypnosis - The Ultimate Mind Hack

MindExponential was created on the idea that we can hack our brain and therefore our mind, behaviors and wellness. As I explored various techniques and technologies to enhance my mind, hypnosis quickly became my favorite "hack". Advances in scientific discoveries of the brain have exploded over the past 10 years, and a significant amount of this understanding has pointed to the plasticity of the brain and mind. We once thought that young minds were the only highly impressionable and mold-able minds, but today we understand the incredible potential to change and evolve our minds at any age.

This is why I have become increasingly enamored with hypnosis. In my personal practice, I have used hypnosis to help people to develop a disgust for eating their favorite junk foods, to minimize strong and repetitive unwanted thoughts, to diminish pain such as headaches, to increase motivation, to sleep better, and to change a person's negative self-image. When I began studying hypnosis, I knew it helped for relaxation and stress-reduction, but I have found myself a stronger advocate each day as I watch people transform their thinking and behaviors right before my eyes. And yes, it is real, scientifically sound, and used routinely in clinics, hospitals, and private practices around the world. To dispel a few myths that still linger - it is not mind control, not for the weak-willed, it's not actually sleep, and anyone of average to above average intelligence is hypnotizable with proper techniques (most people respond better to more customized approach - its not always one-size-fits all). The genuine desire to change, the ability to focus, and a good imagination enhances one's experience. Hypnosis creates new mental patterns by making suggestions directed to the subconscious mind. This is typically done in a deeply relaxed and receptive state. I will go more into all of this in the course I'm creating on the benefits of hypnosis and how to do self-hypnosis (and hypnosis is actually all self-hypnosis - you have to want it and participate in it).

The other neurohacks I enjoy such as nootropics, brain training/neurofeedback, sound therapy, and light therapy work wonders, but I particularly recommend combining techniques (particularly with hypnosis) to promote faster, and longer lasting changes.

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