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TransTech 2017 - A Conference of Mind and Heart

I got completely blissed-out in the DreamSpa.

This year's Transformative Technology Conference was everything a tech-loving, mindful seeker desires. The theme of the conference is Wiring Humanity for the Future, and this space personifies the cutting-edge relationship between mind, machine, spirit,, and wellness. Humans have explored biology, medicine, nutrition, meditation, and more for at least two thousand years, yet we still have illness, trauma, and conflict around the world. It is the passion and hope of the pioneers of this space that we can engineer a faster way to our higher selves (before we destroy ourselves). Through various methods of modulation, such as neurofeedback/biofeedback, and other forms of stimulation and immersive experience that we may make our minds and bodies behave in more beneficial ways. These technologies strive to increase calm, enhance cognition, and facilitate connection and mindfulness.

The conference hosts a stellar lineup of speakers from various realms of tech and mindfulness and showcases devices and applications rarely brought together under one roof. I didn't get to try out every device this year, but I was completely blissed-out using the DreamSpa (perhaps it isn't obvious in the image above, but I was mentally teleported!) The VieLight infrared device enhanced my mediation, but I must admit, I was distracted by asking and listening to a lot of questions about this technology.

The speaker lineup included some of my favorites including Rollin McCraty from HeartMath (I'm serious fan of this technology and coherence training - see my previous post). Joe Hudson returned this year and kicked off the conference and set the mood of the event with energy and warmth. Dr Jeffery Martin, co-founder of the conference and the Transformative Technology Lab gave us all a deeper understanding of the need and growth of this space in his State of the TransTech Union speech.

Most attendees stated that another major draw of the conference is the ability to converge and connect with other creators and fans of this fascinating technology. This is an exciting time as we are just watching this future unfold right before our eyes.

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