Using Nootropics for a Cognitive Edge

For any newcomers to nootropics, they are supplements or drugs taken to enhance mental performance (memory, focus, clarity, and problem- solving abilities). Since I'm doing so many different neurohacks at one time (meditation, hypnosis, intermittent fasting, etc) I access the changes in how I function when I take one away, rather than when I add one. It's not the best scientific model, especially with a population of one, but my experimentation is all subjective and for my own benefit (which I share with you).

I feel like I need more of a cognitive edge lately, so I just got back on them, but not noticing anything at this time. I'm writing a book, and something like that is almost always a struggle, so I'm back on the "noots".

I've tried a few, but now I'm on huperzine, vinpocetine, bacopa, ginko biloba, and reviewing a few others to add to the mix. Here's the scoop on what I take:

Huperzine A: memory (with clinical trials suggesting it may be an aid against Alzheimer's Disease).

Vinpocetine: memory

Bacopa: memory and comprehension.

Ginkgo biloba: cognitive performance and memory.

This is what I'm taking at this date, and I will provide more details after I've taken them for a few months.

Disclaimer: These claims are not supported by the FDA and always research risks and side effects with any supplementation. This is not meant to be used as medical advice.