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Evolution Begins at Home

It seems likely that if I spend my time neurohacking, expanding my mind and consciousness, and then blogging about it, that I would actually have life-changing affirmations. Well, that assumption is correct.

I have recently returned to school to pursue my master's in psychology. As much as the tech and the science of neurohacking is my passion, my favorite mind hack is on the interpersonal side. I love working with individuals, teams, and large groups to create change, expansive thinking, peace of mind, better performance, harmony, synergy, and self-discovery. To do this, I can be more effective as I enhance my therapeutic and coaching techniques. I am also a certified hypnotist, and I have been in awe of the enormous benefits of hypnosis to heal and change the mind and body. My objective is to obtain all the knowledge and experience of all these modalities to create an ultimate toolkit to facilitate growth and change in myself and others. Since there will always be an abundance to learn and experience, I'm on one hell of an exciting journey.

My blog will focus on my experiences while working full-time, and going to grad school full-time, and seeking my higher self in the other waking moments. Since I will need to be in peak mental and physical condition to perform at my best, this is a perfect opportunity to blog about what works and what doesn't work from my subjective experience. And yes, I used self-hypnosis to make decisions and to motivate myself on this endeavor. The other challenge is to maintain a healthy work/life balance, so I have given myself permission to reduce my studies to part-time, or take a break as needed. I understand the importance of holistic living.

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