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A Gathering of Minds and Mindfulness - The Transformative Tech Conference

In writing about the Transformative Tech Conference, I’ll admit I struggled a bit to get this post written - not because I didn’t have anything to write, and not because I wasn’t energized by the conference, but because I was attempting to write it purely journalistically, and not from the heart. But, this emerging technology and science of wellness is my passion, and I needed to write about it from the heart. When I write from the heart, I go into flow and this blog starts to write itself.

But, before I go into the heart of transtech, let me quickly touch on the facts. Transformative technology is the technology and science of well-being both physically, emotionally, and for many, this includes spiritually. The Transformative Tech Conference is an annual event held at Sofia University in Palo Alto, organized by the Transformative Tech Lab, led by Dr Jeffrey Martin and Nichol Bradford. This growing event brings thought leaders, developers, scientists, seekers and medical and psychology professionals from around the world to explore, share, learn, and connect in the space of technology and ideals that have enormous potential to transform lives - and we meditate.

As a biohacker, neuro healthcare technologist, meditator and hypnotist, this is my tribe. I call Wisdom 2.0 my tribe as well, but this is more tech-focused than Wisdom 2.0 (these tribes/communities are very co-mingled). The best part of the conference for me was the opportunity to immerse in an environment and community of people and organizations who strive to redefine and create new attitudes about what wellness is and how to achieve it. Wellness is no longer defined as lack of disease, but as a holistic sense of well-being and contentment. For some, a state of wellness is achieved along with self-actualization and mindfulness. The bar is being raised on the expectations an individual has for wellness. These goals may be more achievable with the emerging technology of training, tracking, and interacting with physiological and psychological, and pro-social enhancing devices.

But I digress again. The biggest take-away I received from the TransTech Conference was the sense of community, connection, and the treasured individual experiences and discussions with other members of this group. I met scientists, creators, seekers, and perhaps even a few or more truly enlightened souls. The common theme from those attending this conference was a desire to make the world a better place. I experienced mind-bending experiences with the tech that was on-hand to try out, and even took part in a social experiment whereby a person I barely knew was able to tell me the thing I most needed to hear. I left not only with new friends, insights, and knowledge, I also walked away reinvigorated about my future in this space, and took the next step on a major decision that was in progress for me.

I highly recommend attending the TransTech Conference next fall for a meaningful, interesting, and rewarding experience.

Jeffrey Martin, PhD, Research Professor, Lab Director

Nichol Bradford, MBA, Transformative Tech Lab Executive Director, Lab Co-Founder

Conference participants meditating with Muse neurofeedback

Dr David Eagleman demonstrating sensory vest that translates sound into tactile pulses for interpretation by the deaf.

Dr Seigfried Othmer o, Chief Scientist of the EEG Institute, a pioneering neurofeedback organization.

Participants take some downtime to bliss out on Neuro-Nap technology

Dr. Gino Yu gives a talk on Understanding the Self Through the Use of Digitally Constructed Realities

Virtual Reality by CoreReboot is a cutting edge tool for wellness.

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