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Adventures of the Mind

The major project of MindExponential at this stage is a mind-hacking program. I am still evolving this plan, but the general idea is to increase my mental performance, and mental endurance, which includes memory, processing speed, mental agility and creativity.

In preparation for this journey, I'm establising a firm baseline routine. I will keep wake and sleep hours mostly stable, diet consistent, exercise consistent, and continue supplements I am currently taking. Once I have determined which neuro-hacking methods I will use, based on the research, I will then determine which one to add to my routine to begin. Prior to any changes in my current activities, I will also obtain various quantitative measures of my aptitudes and baseline health status. Some measure won't be feasible to repeat regularly, others will be taken more frequently. I will post my baselines, methodologies, and results here. Please cheer me on in my endeavors, because I'm hoping to reveal significant changes in my intelligence and show strengthing of mental/cognitive aptitudes.

Although it has been done before, I will be using myself as a case-study of neuroplastic changes in a healthy adult woman. I've been hacking my physiology for decades with yoga, dietary changes/restrictions, meditation, supplementation, detox, etc, now to hack my brain. My life is pretty standard, in that I work a 40+ hour week, keep a busy lifestyle, and have reasonably limited resources, although looking forward to input and various means of assistance in my friends in challenging me and providing feedback. I will also depend on my friends, family, and community to help me maintain a positive, and healthy outlook thoughout this rigorous experiement.

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