Neurohacking is the colloquial term for (usually personal or 'DIY') neuroengineering. It is a form of biohacking (qv) focusing on the brain and CNS. Strictly speaking it is any method of manipulating or interfering with the structure and/or function of neurons for improvement or repair (Wikipedia).

The NeuroHacking Blog is a journey and exploration into biohacking for optimal cognition, wellness, mindfulness, and a transcendent mind-body experience for peak living. There is a significant and growing body of evidence that shows that people can change and evolve their minds through various methods of neurohacking, which can include anything from meditation to brain training, to neurofeedback (and beyond). Newer research continues to reveal that this neuroplasticity is accessible to us at any age. Join us as we explore and share this neurohacking journey.

June 22, 2017


 I’ve been using the HeartMath InnerBalance biofeedback device for about one year. This simple device helps you train your heart rhythms and mind to attain “coherence”, a harmonious state of being which is ideal mind and body wellness. Coherence can be attained with m...

February 2, 2017

The words "sensory deprivation tank" don't necessarily conjure the image of bliss, but when you consider floating in dense Epsom salt water, feeling weightless and enjoying the stillness of the mind, it's a pretty deep experience. That was how I started 2017 - floating...

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Meditation is Brain-Hacking

July 10, 2016

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