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Exploring mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership and coaching science, subconscious mind management, and performance improvement to enhance the mind, personal efficiency, wellness, cognition, and consciousness, for peak performance.


We are postponing live meditation, hypnotherapy, and coaching sessions until further notice due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates on virtual sessions starting in April. We will add a link to session scheduling and further information shortly.


For more information and questions, please contact Renee DeVere Jones at renee@mindexponential.com.

Mind Exponential was Honored on The TransTech 200 Notable Mention 2016 & TransTech Innovator for 2017.

The 2017 TransTech200 list has been published and Mind Exponential was selected as a TransTech Innovator for 2017. Honored and humbled to be listed amongst these scientists, engineers, and thought leaders who are advancing new technologies and ideas for wellbeing. TransTech200.com #transtech


The exploration of the mind is one of the most significant endeavors for the future of humankind. The mind is the center of creation, performance, cognition, wellness, relationships, meaning, consciousness, and reason. If you can change a mind, you can change a person – if you can change all or most of the minds, you can change the world.


You can change your mind – and when you do, you can change your potential…exponentially.


How do you change and enhance your mind and consciousness? There are many long-standing methods including meditation, yoga, education, hypnosis, martial arts, as well as training and coaching to enhance your mind, wellness and cognitive abilities. These methods of enhancing the mind are called neurohacking, mind hacking, or brain hacking - they all serve to make us better, sharper, and happier. Newer technologies of mind-body enhancement include neurofeedback, neurotropics, (a.k.a. nootropics - brain-enhancing supplements or drugs), brain-training games, hypnosis, and combinations of old and new therapies. 

In addition, there are numerous methodologies for increasing efficiency and reducing waste such as lean six sigma that can be applied to your life and mindset. Lean methodologies allow you to use proven systems for reducing inefficiencies and redundancies to promote a more effective but simplified life, therefore reducing stressors.


MindExponential helps you, your team, and your organization achieves results through mindfulness, meditation, biohacking, mind hacking, neurotechnology, personal development, performance enhancement, cognitive training, improving mental processing, and the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs in the realm of the mind and human potential.